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I am often asked "what should I read?"  The books posted below are a great place to start.  Each of these possess some form of actionable information that you can put to use. I would recommend these to a dear friend.  I have created these links for you as a courtesy. They will take you directly to Amazon via what is called an Affiliate Link so you can either buy the book listed or search for a different version of it . Your price is not impacted.  You will never pay more for an item by clicking through my affiliate link. I am required to inform you.  You have been informed.    

This is one of the most influential books ever written.  It should be required reading for every single employee in your organization from the CEO to lowest paid worker. 

Lencioni takes you inside a leadership team with typical problems and will give you much to think about.

Understanding Machiavellianism is important.  This is the bible of the ruthless authoritarian. The followers of this doctrine can be found at the highest levels of virtually every organization.  It is the villains ethos.

This was a very interesting read.  It will prompt deep thinking into how you are replicating and growing as an organization through a learning ethos.  How are you evolving?

These lessons are now over twenty-five hundred years old. This is a must read.

Simon is truly gifted.  This is 100% rock solid leadership- thinking that every leader should be thinking about.  

Ken Blanchard teaches powerful lessons and mindsets in this leadership story. 

This is rocket fuel for the entrepreneurial spirit. Pure gold here.

This is about understanding that state of consciousness when you are in a state of FLOW.  From Coding to Combat, this is how you achieve higher function, more often.

The research in this book is beyond valuable.  

Required Reading

Drucker is another giant that is required reading.

This book explains in simple terms why most managers are awful and what needs to happen to fix it.

If you haven't read Deming, you are missing out.  Deming's process thinking can take a small start-up to a successful global corporation.  

This is required reading.  Not optional.

The late Dr. Stephen Covey was a genius on several levels.  There is an elegant balance of logic and emotion in his work that is unsurpassed.  Absolutely required reading for everyone. You can build a whole culture around this book. 

This can provide insights into yourself and other people like nothing else can. 

There will be a Marine's Eye session devoted to how to use the information to achieve breakthroughs.

When any Navy SEAL is willing to share knowledge, you sit down and listen. Nothing else needs to be said.

EOS provides you the exact step-by-step process to establish a structured, team management approach.  I am hesitant to say this can be implemented on your own. The pay-off is huge but most leadership teams give in to bad habits.                       

This title is no joke. Tony opened my eyes to things I would have never discovered on my own. I have a lifetime of gratitude for this man.

This little book has had an immeasurable impact on my life.  I hope it does the same for you.

This book is about what can take you down as opposed to what can take you up.  Top performing companies have different kind of threats and Collins does an amazing job of illuminating how these threats first appear.

DaVinci was a genius on several levels that spanned art and science.  If you can believe that your brain can become "more," this book will rock you.

Tony Robbins = fantastic content. A better you makes a better leader for your people.