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Remotely Crazy considers areas which quite honestly are not covered in many organizations. Topics like daily routines/habits, how to effectively communicate, staying productive, maintaining efficiency, self accountability, and staying focused are described in an easily digestible manner and are immediately applicable."

Cyber Security Executive

"In an afternoon I was able to grasp many new concepts and started to feel like there is so much more I could do to be successful in this challenging new environment."


"I appreciate the insight, tips and writing style presenting information in an informative and easy to understand format." 

Vice President, Sales

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This is a must-have for creatives wanting to turn their thoughts into reality.

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci's Mind Mapping technique, this journal is designed and laid out to capture big thinking and big thoughts and shape them down into actionable ideas! 

A flexible, open canvas notebook. There are 200 pages to drop your best thoughts and ideas! Capture your analytical thinking and visions! 
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Motivation Media Productions


We know businesses are suffering. 

Poor Morale 
Walk-Offs and Heavy Turnover 
Lack of Accountability

Poor Communication
Disengagement and Alienation
Lack of Consistency and Discipline

These are tough issues to solve. 

Sometimes it's a training issue.

Sometimes it's a systems issue.

Most times, it's a leadership issue.  

And that's ok.  Having a leadership issue isn't an indictment of character. 

Leadership issues are almost always a result of a blind spot, knowledge gap, or skills issue - which are all correctable.  

If your business or organization is suffering from ANY of these problems, please contact us immediately and schedule a no-cost consultation.      

In addition to leadership consulting, we offer:


Event Speaking and Keynotes

by MMP Founder, Author, and Business Leadership Consultant, Marine Corps Master Sergeant Keith Bean.










Keith will get your team inspired, enlightened, and focused with a suite of powerful stories and lessons pulled from his 20 years as a U.S. Marine and nearly two more decades of working as a business leadership consultant. 

Contact us for pricing and a custom demo video.

Personal Coaching

As a leader, it's easy to find yourself in a situation with no one to talk to.  Having a personal coach will make all the difference in the world for you. Having someone to talk with..., to discreetly discuss and strategize sensitive leadership issues is beyond important but can be impossible in many organizations.  

Group Coaching


A Group Coaching package is a fantastic way to bring a team together and expedite personal development and measurable KPI (Key Performance Indicator) improvements in a short period of time.

Please contact us for a proposal.

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