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Accepting Speaking Requests in Q2 

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With greetings and respect, I welcome you to the Dojo! 

I teach and advocate a leadership discipline called Semperformance. Inspired by Aikido (“way of harmonizing energy”), Semperformance is the way to harmonize teams and entire organizations in a way that leaves a legacy... one worthy of others to follow.

Semperformance is The Grand Kata. It is the Kata of Extreme Organizational Excellence.  I look forward to sharing it with you and assisting you on your leadership journey.

Keith Bean, Founder

When you think in terms of motivation, employees are impacted by leader behavior in different ways.   This slide deck below contains over 60 things that can get people fired up in their own unique ways.   This is pure gold for leaders.  

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Virtual and On-Site Options


Guest Speaker/Instructor

Meeting Facilitation
Delivery of Client Content

One-on-One Coaching Programs
Unlimited Customized Content  
Training and Development Activities 
Turn-Key Program Development and Implementation   
Train the Trainer Programs
Objective/Third Party Assessments – Overt/Covert
***Adjunct/Interim Executive Leadership Roles*** 
Human-Centered Innovation/Process Design Activities
Custom Video Content – White Label 
SME Consultations – All of the Above and Below
Enterprise Solutions - Direct Leadership or Consultation towards design,

assembly, and deployment of teams

at scale for enterprise initiatives.