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Our Consulting Solutions

We know businesses are suffering from poor morale, walk-offs and heavy turnover, recruiting issues, lack of accountability, poor communication, disengagement and alienation, and lack of consistency and discipline. These are tough issues to solve.

Sometimes this is a result of training issues. Sometimes it's a systems issue. Most times, it's a leadership issue.  

And that's ok. Having a leadership issue isn't an indictment of character. 

Leadership issues are almost always a result of a blind spot, knowledge gap, or skills issue - which are all correctable.  If your business or organization is suffering from ANY of these problems, please contact us immediately and schedule a no-cost consultation.

Services We Offer

A business meeting

Organizational Consulting

With massive turnover in management ranks across the globe and employee apathy at an all-time high, there has never been a more important time to get serious about how well your managers are leading. When you are ready, our three-step consulting process is straightforward and highly effective:

Assess: MMP will conduct an in-depth, objective assessment of your management team’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership and how well you function as a team. 

Prescribe: We’ll provide you with a custom-tailored roadmap for you and your team to follow.    

Implement: MMP will provide you with implementation options perfectly timed and tailored to your situation, ranging from emergency intervention/high-intensity change to more structured/cadence-based approaches (bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly interactions) to achieve measurable improvement.    

Event Speaking & Keynotes

By MMP Founder, Author, and Business Leadership Consultant, Marine Corps Master Sergeant Keith Bean.

Keith will get your team inspired, enlightened, and focused with a suite of powerful stories and lessons pulled from his 20 years as a U.S. Marine and nearly two more decades of working as a business leadership consultant. 

Contact us for pricing and a custom demo video.

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IT Consulting

Personal Coaching

Self-development only goes so far. During our lives, we all meet moments where we can really use external feedback that is objective and actionable. Let’s face it, we also have times when we need to be held accountable. When our goals surpass our experience or self-discipline, it’s time to seek expert coaching. Having someone to talk with... to discreetly discuss and strategize sensitive leadership or personal challenges is beyond important but can be impossible in many organizations. Contact us for pricing plans and more information. 

Group Coaching

A Group Coaching package is the ultimate way to drive rapid and comprehensive growth. MMPs Group Coaching is an experience that will elevate your team in several areas at once:

Measurable and Observable Improvements in:

  • Key Performance Indicators–Sales, Profitability, etc.

  • Teamwork

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Personal Development

  • Morale

  • Retention

If you are “coachable” and willing to work for a better business reality, please contact us for a discovery conversation. 

Business Meeting
Org Consulting
Speaking & Keynotes
Consulting Services
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