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How To Build Your Confidence Through Meditation

You probably know that meditation is an effective way to relax, but it can be used for other purposes too. If you’re trying to build your confidence, we suggest practicing mindfulness, preferably on a daily basis.

Self-confidence is one of the most important ingredients for your happiness and success. It makes you feel motivated and energetic. It helps you reach your goals, strengthen your relationships, and enhance your health.

Do you want to feel certain of yourself and your ability to face life’s challenges? You can rely on meditation to build your self-esteem and confidence!

Using Meditation to Increase Your Awareness

Self-doubts can narrow your experiences and opportunities if you shy away from taking risks. Meditation creates a safe space for looking at yourself and your habits with honesty and courage.

Try these strategies:

  1. Scan your body. Your posture affects your confidence. Start your meditation session by sitting up tall and taking deep breaths. Examine yourself from head to foot to spot any discomfort. Try squeezing your muscles and then releasing them.

  2. Let go of judgements. Notice your thoughts and feelings without criticizing them. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Challenge your assumptions. Do you cling to a perspective or an anxiety that holds you back? Rewire your thinking by examining your typical reactions and considering more constructive approaches. It's okay and necessary to sit with your feelings and digest them first.

  4. Make conscious decisions. It’s easy to wind up drifting along on autopilot. Practicing mindfulness will help you to take charge of your life and live presently.

Using Meditation to Generate Compassion

You may be undermining your self-confidence without even realizing it. Paying attention to your thoughts gives you an opportunity to transform the way you treat yourself.

These techniques can help you be kind to yourself and boost your confidence:

  1. Change your self-talk and inner dialogue. What does your internal chatter sound like? Replace harsh messages with friendlier feedback. Write down thoughts you have that you take special notice of. The more you know yourself and recognize patterns, the easier it will be to enhance your strengths.

  2. Speak affirmations. We tend to believe what we tell ourselves. Reciting uplifting words and phrases is a proven way to stay focused during meditation. Write your own encouraging affirmations or find inspiration in scriptures and self-help books.

  3. Nurture yourself. Scheduling daily meditation time is a great way to start investing in your confidence and wellbeing. You won't find the time, so don't wait around for a clearing. You must make the time and make a decision. Being sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and getting enough sleep should be an important part of your routine as well. Your physical health is often a reflection of your mental health.

  4. Seek support. Childhood memories and other influences can make it difficult to show compassion for yourself. Consider listening to guided meditations or talking with a therapist if you need more assistance.

Using Meditation to Accomplish More

True confidence comes from within and recognizing your achievements can give you a boost. No one is going to be there to remind you when you may need reassurance. You have to be there for yourself and prioritize the relationship you have with yourself. Meditation teaches you to live more mindfully, and that can help you to excel in both your personal and professional life.

Consider these tips:

  • Slow down. The stress of rushing can erode your confidence. You’ll probably accomplish more with less effort as meditation trains you to move more deliberately. Figure out your priorities and shorten your to-do list. Take breaks throughout the day to prevent burnout. Remember, you are only human.

“Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be; the top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing," - André De Shields
  • Express gratitude. Being thankful makes you feel more secure and connected to others. You’ll have the confidence to take worthwhile risks and try new things. Your warm and relaxed attitude will also make it easier to collaborate with others.

  • Keep practicing. Change is usually a gradual process. Be patient with yourself as you build your confidence. Expect some setbacks and evaluate your progress on a regular basis. You’ll probably find that meditating is more productive on some days than others. You’re a success as long as you keep trying.

  • Create balance. Meditation helps you to look at the big picture. As you balance the various aspects of your life, your confidence and peace of mind increase.

Meditation can make your confidence soar. When you love and appreciate yourself for who you are, your life becomes richer and more rewarding.


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