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Reading a Book



So you want to write a book?

Maybe you already have one written. Let us guide you and your story in the right direction! Tell us your situation.

My book is published. Help me sell it!

I don't know where to start and need help self publishing.

Let us help you self publish!

Do you have to know someone to get published? Would anyone care about your story enough to buy it? How do you get your book in the hands of a reader? 

Thanks to self-publishing outlets like Amazon, the largest online retailer in the US, anyone with internet access can publish their story by themselves, avoiding big-cost traditional publishers with nonsensical royalty share.


Though Amazon takes their own piece of the pie to compensate for their plethora of services on their billion-dollar network, it is, in our opinion, an author's best bet for becoming a best seller in their book's category. That's our goal for you. 

Anyone that says writing a book is easy thinks that writing a book is all there is. We both know there's more to it than that. The "more" is where we come in.

Even if you have gone through the editing and formatting stage of your book, you may still have questions, like how is a book actually produced?

We are not a traditional publisher or publishing house. We are simply here to encourage you to write your story and assist you in self publishing.

What We Offer

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Design Package

The design package is perfect for aspiring authors who may have an idea for a book, in the writing process, and need some assistance watching their story come to life. This package includes:

Cover Art Design (Front, Back, and Spine!)

The best way to ignite passion in completing a book manuscript is to visualize it. Imagine holding your book in your own hands. What would it look and feel like? We can show you!

Copyright Templates

You know that first page in a book you see, small type, and always skipped over? That's the copyright page. It's super boring, but super necessary! You want your work protected, so we got you covered.

Copyediting and Proofreading

During the writing process, it's easy to make a mistake. You're not editing, you're writing! Don't let this damage your confidence in your ability to tell a story. We will ensure the quality of your writing by assigning a team of editors and writers to oversee punctuation, spelling, and the overall flow of your story.


Interior and Exterior Book Formatting

Whether your manuscript is being written in a Google document or in Microsoft Word, book formatting (margins, type style/font, image placement, etc.) will make or break your book's ability to publish. There are a lot of secrets involved in proper formatting, and it is tedious work! 

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Marketing Package

Do you have a book already published and need help selling it? Not only do we have resources and the network to assist you on your journey as an author, we can help you sell your book, via:


  • Ad spot in our blog, Moto Bytes

  • Ad spot in Remotely Crazy Podcast (coming soon).

Maketing Package
Design Package


  • Amazon KDP, platform promotion opportunities

  • Climb the bestseller's lists


Social Posts

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. We will post about your product on our networks that see thousands of connections on a daily basis.


Commercials and Webinars

We will make your book its own trailer that you will own 100% of the rights to. You will also be invited as a guest on our podcast and other social networks to promote your book.

Publishing Package

Publishing Package

If it isn't already clear, we are here to assist you in self publishing services. We are not a traditional publisher or publishing house. Your story is your own and we intend to keep things that way.

However, we understand there may be a lot you don't know about the publishing world and where to begin with your story. We'll show you the ropes and be the middle man as you remain in full control of your story and legacy.

Ready to Get Published


This package includes:

  • Our Design Package 

    • Cover Art Design​

    • Copyright Templates

    • Copyediting and Proofreading

    • Interior and Exterior Formatting

  • Our Marketing Package

    • Advertisements​

    • Special Promotions

    • Social Posts

    • Book Trailers, Commercials, and Webinar Opportunities

  • Your choice between eBook, paperback, and/or hardcover book options

  • Exclusive access to our online server for any-time consultation

  • Wholesale distribution options/resources and a look into merchandising your book/brand/series

  • Your own Amazon Author profile and KDP account

You come to us with a story, we'll get it out there for you. It's as simple as that. When you learn to self publish through us, you become a part of our team where your story's success is our main priority.   

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