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  • Jessica Parsons

Passion Plays the Role of Success We All Seek

Everyone has their own definition for success. That's a conversation for another time. But let's all agree on one thing: Following your passion and doing what you love in life is crucial for achieving true success. Passion is a driving force that can propel us forward, helping us to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. When we are passionate about something, we are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and fulfilled. This includes our financial, physical, and mental successes.

Let's say you have a passion for cooking. You may have always dreamed of becoming a chef, but you ended up getting a job as a accountant because it seemed like a more practical and stable career path. Or maybe, your plan is to become a chef, but for now, you can't afford the schooling or time to get to that point. However, you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and uninspired in your job. You may even be counting down the minutes until you can get home and, you guessed it, cook!

In this scenario, following your passion for cooking could lead to a career change to become a chef. This may seem risky, but the rewards can be substantial because your overall quality of life will change. Imagine the satisfaction of creating delicious meals and seeing the joy it brings to others. Imagine the satisfaction of having a career that aligns with your values and interests.

Alternatively, you can look for ways to incorporate your passion for cooking into your current job. This could mean starting a cooking blog, creating a cooking YouTube channel, or even organizing potlucks with your coworkers. These small actions can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment in your life, and it can also lead to new opportunities and growth.

It's important to note that not all passions will lead to a career, but that doesn't mean you should let it go. If you neglect a passion for too long, it will catch up to you whether you prepared for it or not. Why? Because our decisions we make in life unconsciously align with our values. Hobbies and interests can also bring a lot of joy and fulfillment in your life. The most important thing is that you are doing something that you truly enjoy and that is meaningful to you.

This is a reminder to consider making the first steps on your legacy path by following your passion and doing what you love! There's no shame in that, because everyone is different and our success stories are supposed to be different. When we are passionate about something, we are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and fulfilled. It's worth taking the time to figure out what you're truly passionate about and finding ways to pursue it, whether that means a career change or incorporating your passions into your current job.

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